Core Competencies

Freedom77 = Innovative, Efficient and the Agency that Delivers Results.

Specialised Recruitment

Focused expertise in multiple industries, understanding the unique skill sets, certifications, and qualifications required in their relevant fields.

Full-Spectrum Services

Offering a range of services including executive search, direct hire, contract-to-hire, temporary staffing, talent management consulting and more.

Advanced Matching Process

Utilisation of a proprietary algorithm that goes beyond matching resumes with job descriptions to ensure a holistic fit in terms of skills, company culture, and career aspirations. We get to know every candidate by taking the time and interviewing them several times before presenting them to employers.

Speed and Precision

Commitment to a swift, efficient recruitment process without compromising on quality, ensuring employers have the talent they need to keep projects on track.

Safety and Compliance

Rigorous vetting process to verify candidates' adherence to industry safety standards and regulations.

Post-Placement Support

Ongoing assistance following successful job placements, including onboarding support, skill development, and performance monitoring.

Insider Expertise

Our team and networks are comprised of professionals with real-world experience in the multiple sectors and industries we service.

Unmatched Network

Access to a broad network of high-calibre professionals and key industry players. Plus, forging relationships with the relevant organisations for access to internship role seekers & graduates.

Employer-Centric Approach

We prioritise long-term employer and candidate success and satisfaction over transactional relationships.

Customised Solutions

Tailored recruitment strategies designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

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