Unique Selling Points

Industry-specific expertise

At Freedom77 Recruitment, we're more than just recruiters; we're industry insiders.

Our network of experienced professionals and employers in multiple sectors, gives us an unparalleled understanding of what employers want in terms of the right candidate they aspire to hire.

We delve into all aspects of interpersonal skills, ambitions, career aspirations, technical skills, certifications, and qualities that candidates need to succeed in their relevant sector and with their future employer.

We speak your language and understand the intricacies of your recruitment projects or your job seeking aspirations, making us the perfect bridge between talented professionals and leading companies.


Tailored Matching Approach

We believe in fit, not just resumes.

Our proprietary matching system goes beyond skills and experience, considering company culture, project specifics, and candidate aspirations to ensure a seamless integration. This approach has proven to reduce turnover of a specific role, it increases employee retention, enhances productivity, and increase job satisfaction for both our clients and candidates.

Comprehensive Service Range

We have a vast range of recruitment related service types and packages within our company.

From tailor made strategies and services to executive search and contract staffing, Freedom77 Recruitment covers every recruitment need under one roof.

Our expansive services cater to many employment types and levels, including temporary, permanent, full-time, part-time,
entry-level, and top management roles. Moreover, we provide a turnkey set up spanning all the hierarchical levels of staff members to execute and commence employers’ projects within abnormally short lead times.

Whether you’re kickstarting your career or looking to assemble an elite project team, we have you covered. We provide turnkey staffing solutions to execute projects of any magnitude and speciality.

Robust Network and Industry Relationships

Years of Experience Equals to An Infinite Network Of Employers And Candidates.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated a vast network of industry relationships with both rising stars and established professionals. Our clients benefit from access to an elite, often untapped talent pool that isn’t available on job boards or through traditional search methods.

Speed and Efficiency

Time, Time, Time – At Freedom 77- We factor it in with Efficiency.

We know that time is of the essence, especially in the construction and civil engineering sectors where project timelines are critical. Our streamlined recruitment process is designed for rapid yet thorough candidate vetting, ensuring you meet your deadlines with the right team on board.

Dedicated Support and Consultation

We are always ready and available! Throughout Out the Process and After!

Recruitment doesn’t end with a job placement. We offer ongoing support for companies and job seekers, including onboarding assistance, skills development programs, and post-placement follow-ups.

Additionally, our consultants are readily available to provide industry insights, salary benchmarks, and career advice.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Safety & Compliance aspects are not always tangible or physical.

The physical or intangible nature of any of the multiple sectors we cater for, demands a relevant stringent focus on safety and regulatory adherence.

From Information Technology sectors to Construction and Engineering Sectors, there is an element of safety in all senses and regulatory obligations.

We rigorously vet all candidates for their commitment to safety and knowledge of industry regulations, ensuring the employers projects proceed without a hitch as well as protecting the candidates we recruit for them.

Success-Driven Partnerships

Your success is our success.

We measure our achievements not by the number of placements but by the continued success of our candidates and the satisfaction of both employers and employees. We strive for enduring partnerships, and our high repeat-client rate reflects our commitment to sustained excellence.

Your journey to excellence begins here —
swift, seamless, and spectacular!
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