Our Services

At Freedom 77, we offer a comprehensive list of services. No more complications of dealing with different companies to reach your recruitment or career goals!

1. Permanent Staffing

Choose Freedom 77 for enduring staffing solutions. We excel in placing candidates in permanent roles across various sectors, ensuring long-term success for both our clients and the professionals we place. Trust us to connect you with the talent that will drive your company forward.

2. Retained Recruitment

Secure our exclusive recruitment services through a retained partnership, guaranteeing our dedicated attention for your senior or specialised roles. With an upfront fee and a balance payable upon successful placement, we ensure our commitment and financial predictability for your critical hiring needs.

3. Tender Package

Leverage our expertise in compiling candidate lists for your tender submissions. Freedom 77 excels in curating high-quality teams, from office staff to site foremen, especially in Construction, Mining, and Engineering. Trust us to enhance your tender competitiveness with our guaranteed talent solutions.

4. Project-Focused Full Team Recruitment

For project-specific needs, rely on Freedom 77 to assemble comprehensive teams or identify unique talents. Our service is ideal for industries requiring specialised project teams, offering tailored solutions for Engineering & Construction, IT, Mining, and beyond. Ensure your projects success with our expert recruitment support.

5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Entrust your recruitment processes to Freedom 77, acting as your dedicated external recruitment department. Our RPO service allows you to outsource all or part of your recruitment activities, ensuring efficiency and excellence in talent acquisition with a manageable monthly fee.

6. HR Consulting

Optimise your HR processes with our comprehensive consulting services. From crafting detailed job descriptions to developing employee handbooks, Freedom 77 offers the expertise to establish effective HR protocols and improve your organisational structure.

7. Work Abroad

Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Doha: Expand your career horizons with opportunities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. Freedom 77 offers Batswana professionals the chance to work in some of the world's most dynamic digital cities, facilitating international career growth and experiences.

8. Turnkey Services

Our end-to-end service handles everything from conducting interviews to presenting new hires, saving your company time and resources by managing the entire recruitment process.

9. Executive Search

Discover unparalleled executive search services with Freedom 77 Recruitment. Our team specialises in identifying and placing premier leadership talent, ensuring each candidate is not just qualified but a perfect match for your organisation's unique needs. Experience a strategic, bespoke approach to filling your most influential roles.

10. Specialised Recruitment

Navigate niche markets with our specialised recruitment services. Whether you're in Construction, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Finance, or Legal sectors, Freedom 77 delivers expert candidates tailored to your industry-specific needs.

11. Employer Branding

Enhance your appeal as an employer with our strategic employer branding services. From campaign development to content creation, Freedom 77 helps you attract top talent by showcasing your company's strengths and culture.

12. Career Guidance & Counselling

Empower your workforce with our career guidance and counselling services. Freedom 77 supports undergraduates, graduates, and job seekers with professional advice, resume services, and personalised career planning sessions, paving the way for their success.

13. Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Experience the ultimate in workforce flexibility with our contract-to-hire staffing solutions. Engage high-calibre professionals temporarily and assess their fit within your team before making a permanent commitment. Freedom 77 Recruitment supports you throughout this process, offering the perfect blend of temporary staffing support and the opportunity for a seamless transition to full-time employment, including a placement fee upon conversion.

14. Campus Recruitment

Connect with the next generation of talent through our campus recruitment services. Freedom 77 facilitates your access to new graduates, managing the logistics of campus recruitment events and processes on your behalf. Partner with us to tap into fresh perspectives and innovative minds ready to contribute to your success.

15. Internship Placement

Strengthen your team with dynamic interns matched perfectly to your needs. Freedom 77 coordinates internship programs, handling the selection and placement of interns, and offers a streamlined path to converting these promising talents into full-time roles, including potential additional fees for successful conversions.

16. Training & Development Programs

Elevate the skills and employability of your team with our training and development programs. Both candidates and client companies can invest in workshops, courses, or personalised training sessions, ensuring continuous professional growth and enhanced performance.

17. Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Gain invaluable insights into your team's engagement and satisfaction with our comprehensive employee satisfaction surveys. Freedom 77 Recruitment analyses the results to provide actionable strategies, helping you refine your retention efforts and build a more cohesive, motivated workforce.

18. Onboarding Assistance

Ensure a smooth transition for your new hires with our onboarding assistance services. Beyond placement, Freedom 77 helps integrate new employees into your organisation, offering support with initial training, documentation, and acculturation processes. Trust us to help your new team members hit the ground running, contributing to your company's success from day one.

19. Diversity Recruitment

Freedom 77 crafts and executes strategies to cultivate diverse workplaces, offering services that include specialised campaigns, community outreach, and targeted recruitment efforts to ensure a rich, varied workforce, thus giving all Batswana the Freedom in their journey to achieve their dreams.

20. Temporary/Contract Staffing

We provide immediate staffing solutions, offering qualified temporary or contract-based staff to fill in for seasonal demands, employee absences, or special projects, with a focus on flexibility and efficiency.

21. Interim Staffing Solutions

Specialising in interim staffing, Freedom 77 meets your short-term staffing needs by supplying thoroughly vetted candidates for temporary roles, adding value through a flexible workforce, and managing all associated details.

22. Talent Mapping

We deliver strategic market intelligence, identifying and analysing talent pools for proactive recruitment strategies and market salary insights, enhancing your competitive edge.

23. Advertisement & Job Posting Services

Gain unparalleled visibility for your job openings through our advertisement and job posting services, leveraging our extensive reach and audience across various platforms.

24. Events and Job Fairs

Freedom 77 organises on behalf of their clients, job fairs and recruitment events, providing a turnkey, hassle free process and opportunities for participation, sponsorship, or exclusive access to a diverse talent pool.

25. Background Checks

We conduct comprehensive pre-employment screenings, ensuring the reliability and integrity of your potential hires with thorough background, credentials, and reference checks.

26. Outplacement Services

In times of organisational change, we offer compassionate outplacement support, aiding your transitioning employees with career guidance, training, and re-placement services.

27. Payroll Services

For companies employing contract or temporary staff, we offer streamlined payroll services, ensuring accurate and timely compensation management.

28. Skills Assessment & Testing

Our detailed skills assessments evaluate candidates' technical and soft skills, providing valuable insights to inform your hiring decisions. We offer a range of candidate assessments, providing tools that help you make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

29. Salary Benchmarking

We provide in-depth salary benchmarking reports and consultations, aiding in your budgeting and talent retention strategies with current industry standards.

30. Workforce Planning

Engage our expertise in long-term staffing strategies, benefiting from comprehensive consultation and planning services tailored to your future needs.

31. Compliance Monitoring

Rely on Freedom 77 to ensure your hiring practices comply with legal and regulatory standards, offering ongoing support through audits, reports, and consultations.

32. Succession Planning

We assist in preparing your future leaders, offering strategic planning services and support in placing these vital professionals within your organization.

33. Relocation Assistance

For candidates relocating for work, we advise on the logistical, legal, and settlement aspects, providing a seamless transition to new opportunities.

34. Job Description Writing

Benefit from our expertise in crafting compelling, SEO-friendly job descriptions that attract the right candidates to your openings.

35. Subscription or Membership Fees

Companies or job seekers gain exclusive access to our job boards or candidate databases through subscription-based services, ensuring steady, reliable access to premium resources.