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Introducing: A Vision for Global Career Opportunities

Our commitment to empowering Botswana citizens takes a leap forward with the introduction of our new initiative, offering career opportunities in the dynamic digital cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha.

This program is not just a chance to work abroad; it’s a pathway to enhance local talent in Botswana with international experience.

Elevating Botswana Talent: Careers in UAE and Qatar

We’re excited to bridge Botswana citizen professionals to the thriving digital hubs of the UAE and Qatar.

This move is aimed at broadening their professional scope and, upon their return, enriching Botswana’s workforce with globally acquired skills and perspectives.

Circular Knowledge Transfer: From Global Experience to Local Enhancement

Our goal transcends mere or mediocre overseas employment.
We envision a cycle where Botswana citizen professionals return from cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha, bringing back invaluable global expertise.

This strategy is central to further elevating the professional standard within Botswana, creating a pool of globally competent, local talent.

Comprehensive Career Support: Local and International

We are dedicated to catering to diverse career goals, managing all facets of job placement, both in Botswana and abroad focusing on Botswana citizens.

Our role is to ensure a seamless and enriching journey for those aspiring to expand their horizons internationally.

Start Your Global Career Path Today

Freedom77 is more than a recruitment agency; it’s a gateway to fulfilling your career aspirations.

We commit to a journey marked by precision, efficiency, and unwavering support for both job seekers and companies.

Broadening Horizons: Work in World-Class Digital Cities

Our services extend beyond the borders of Botswana for our Botswana citizens, offering unique opportunities to work in the world’s leading digital cities.

We guide you through every step, from securing your position to adapting to a new international environment.

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Dubai & Abu Dhabi



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